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WritingNow.com provides original articles to help you get published and paid as a writer, a collection of links to high quality writing sites, and video clips from authors and academics who explain what it takes to be a successful writer. A number of writing communities are provided for those interested in mingling with other writers online, too.

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Articles to Help You Get Published & Paid

These original articles, written by Linda Davis-Kyle, can help you become more likely to get published and paid for your writing.

Making It Easy for Editors to Say "Yes!" to Your Writing -- Writing from an editor's point of view can make all the difference in your success.

How to Beat Writer's Block to Write Articles and Stories -- Whether you want to write a simple article or a complicated piece of fiction, learning how to conquer writer's block is critical.

Maximizing Your Research -- How to write articles for unique target markets to maximize the value of your research.

Controlling Your Inner Editor -- Write, write, write before you dare to edit.

Writing Communities

There are many forums where writers and aspiring writers gather to discuss the craft of writing itself and to critique each other's work. A selection of active communities include the following:

AbsoluteWrite FictionPost LegendFire Mythic Scribes
TheNextBigWriter Scribophile The Writer's Beat WritersCafe.org
WritingForums WritingForums.org WritersPub WriteSight

Before posting a message in any of these groups, read many other posts to make sure that you will "fit in" and be a welcomed member of the specific community. Be sure to review the community rules prior to posting as well.

Writing Sites

The following hand chosen sites can help you not only strengthen the mechanics and beauty of your prose but also discover new target publications for your writing.

Writer's Digest -- The quintessential publication for writers since 1920 with thought-provoking articles and other writing resources on how to write and target submissions to reach your goals as a writer. Now WD also provides writing forums, blogs, and other resources, as well.

Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL) -- Launched in 1994, the world's first online writing lab, provides more than 200 gratis writing sources which include (1) grammar and mechanics, (2) style guides, (3) writing and teaching writing, (4) research, (5) professional writing and job searching, and (6) English as a Second Language [ESL].

Writer's Market -- More than 9000 listings for fiction and nonfiction writers who want to find a publisher for their scriptwriting, writing for magazines, books for children and more. Provides suggested pricing for professional writing and editing services, too.

Guide to Grammar & Writing -- Founded by the late Charles Darling in 1996, this guide presents the basics to good writing -- (1) Sentence Level including Sentence Parts and Word Functions, (2) Paragraph Level, and (3) Essay Level. Among other items of interest, the site also furnishes a number of “Notorious Confusables” quizzes for practice.

Publishing Law Center -- “Legal information for the publishing community” since 1996 furnishes an abundance of useful information for publishers, authors, editors, webmasters, and freelance writers.

Center for Writing -- A fine university writing site that includes Student Writing Support, Teaching with Writing, and Interdisciplinary Studies, and more.

MIT OpenCourseWare -- A proof-of-concept site, begun in 2002, which now, offers writing activity courses to enhance students' natural writing talents to write better essays and technical materials, for example, among numerous courses in many other fields.

Daily Grammar -- This site consists of more than 400 lessons and more than 80 quizzes. The author posts lessons to the Daily Grammar Blog Monday through Friday and offers a quiz on Saturdays. Check out their Daily Grammar Lessons eBook, FlipBook and Grammar Workbook (PDF), too.

Writing Videos

These videos -- from creative writing professor Russell Celyn Jones and published author Peter Behrens, respectively -- provide an assortment of helpful hints and tips to become a successful writer.

Russell Celyn Jones not only is Director of the Creative Writing MA programme at Birkbeck College, but also is a published, and critically acclaimed, author of several fiction novels including Surface Tension.

The Videojug website additionally has other helpful Writing & Publishing videos that may be of interest.

Peter Behrens is author of The O'Briens and The Law of Dreams as well as other prize winning novels.

Publisher Knopf Doubleday provides other short "Writers on Writing" video clips on the company's YouTube channel that may be of interest, too.

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